Commit to Clarity

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Commit to Clarity

the secret power to entrepreneurial success

By: Carole Jean Rogers

Publication date: April 2015
SKU: 9780986228070
ISBN: 9780986228018
Subject: Business

This inspiring guide offers valuable insights for business owners who want to discover what clarity can do to increase profits and peace of mind. Gain the skills to focus and move forward on your own journey with confidence and commitment. Clarity is the secret power to achieving personal and business success.


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Commit to Clarity is a must read for business owners who want to commit to clarity, take action and to focus on success. Protect your business by applying the insights, assessments, and tools in this book.

Clarity is something we all want and need, especially business owners. What does the lack of clarity cost you in your business? Imagine where your bottom line could be with clarity!

Clarity should not be rushed. It’s a process that needs time to evolve. When you attain clarity, you’ll know it. Maintaining clarity is an ongoing habit of reviewing your thinking and asking better questions.

Be prepared to:

  • Honestly assess your business and clearly see where you are
  • Create a clear and compelling vision of where you want to go
  • Move forward with confidence and commitment
  • Arrive at clarity, fulfillment, freedom, and peace of mind


As entrepreneurs, we often move forward blindly not knowing where we are going and why. Commit to Clarity will help you to make better decisions and serve as your go to guide to success.


Pages: 96
Publisher: Liffey-McHugh Press
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Carole Jean Rogers

Carole Jean Rogers 
(aka CJ) is an author, business leadership coach, consultant, and life long entrepreneur. As a former restaurant owner, she employed thousands of people for over twenty years. CJ is passionate about helping people succeed in business with an approach that is heart-centered and head-smart.


This inspiring guide offers valuable insights for all who seek greater clarity. Rogers’ approach to success is conveyed with enthusiasm and authenticity. Her book will give you the experience of a series of private sessions with a top-level executive coach.

—Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci and Creativity on Demand: How to Ignite & Sustain the Fire of Genius


Carole Jean Rogers shares a refreshing message of focus, candor, and empowerment. If you truly want to achieve in these challenging times, read this book, answer her questions, and be prepared for a degree of clarity like never before. It will change your life!

—Mark LeBlanc, author of Never Be the Same and Growing Your Business