Chenier's Practical Math

Chenier's Practical Math

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Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary

This book can be used individually or as a set with Chenier's Practical Math Application Guide.  This book has an Illustrative Table of Contents & English/Metric Appendix - found only in this book.  It has a Unique Index where you can find problems instantly.  There are Problems that Relate to practical applications with self checking techniques, a unique feature.  It has Descriptive Geometry - lay our geometric figures from 3 to 8 sides, circles, ellipses, etc.  It has Illustrative Trig - formulas in pictures.  Find the picture you need - quickly and easily.  It has Leveling Techniques - learn how to use a water level, transit, plumb bob (level Poles, fence posts, your Christmas tree, etc.  It includes several Trade Tricks - lay out/measuring secrets (draw circles with a square, lay out buildings, lay out machines, etc.  Plus many more features....  "A BOOK FOR EVERYONE"

Chenier's Practical Math Application Guide

This book can be used individually or as a set with Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary.  This book is designed to parallel and enhance any practical math class from general education through college level programs.  Many of the math concepts are left out of traditional math books and are relevant to many different trades, occupations, do-it-yourselfers, home owners, home schoolers, etc.  It includes testing material economical hands-on projects that simulate industry (use with sticks of wood, chalk lines, flip cart paper, etc.), the answers, and many different unique modules for projects, classroom situations, self-study, industry, etc.  All have been proven in the classroom and on-the-job.  There are drilling tricks, drill and tap charts (english and Metric), drill numbers, American Standard pipe chart, shimming tricks, draw circles with a layout square, plus much, much more.