Chenier's Practical Math Application Guide

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Chenier's Practical Math Application Guide

For: Do-It-Yourselfers, Trades people, Students, etc. Featuring an Illustrative Table of Contents

By: Norman Chenier

Publication date: January 2005
SKU: 9780962606120

Basic Mathematical Skills, Measuring Techniques, Squaring Techniques, Leveling Techniques, Calculate and Lay Out Angles, Stairs, and Rafters, One & Two Point Sketching, Plus many, many, many more uniques features.Also available in hard copy, 256 pages, 8 1/2" x 10 1/4" with perforated pages and 3 hole drilled.

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Title information

This book can be used individually or as a set with Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary.  This book is designed to parallel and enhance any practical math class from general education through college level programs.  Many of the math concepts are left out of traditional math books and are relevant to many different trades, occupations, do-it-yourselfers, home owners, home schoolers, etc.  It includes testing material economical hands-on projects that simulate industry (use with sticks of wood, chalk lines, flip cart paper, etc.), the answers, and many different unique modules for projects, classroom situations, self-study, industry, etc.  All have been proven in the classroom and on-the-job.  There are drilling tricks, drill and tap charts (english and Metric), drill numbers, American Standard pipe chart, shimming tricks, draw circles with a layout square, plus much, much more.

Pages: 256
Publisher: Chenier Educational Enterprises
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Praise for the Practical Math Application Guide

This book wins the Medal of Honor in the world of math books.  No other book or online resource is more useful, beneficial, and practical for everyday use in the real world.  This book also put me through college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and blew the hundred dollar text books out of the water.                                                                                                                               


Since it is many years since school/univ. I find that I have the need for a "refresher" in maths.  This book is IT!!!!


Straightforward, concise and written in simple language, this little gem covers it all.  From basic arithmetic through elementary trig, with plenty of examples, tables and illustrations.  It's all here.  Simplifies those things you have long been afraid of when it comes to numbers.  Get it along with the companion application workfook and you'll be set whether you're a tradesman or student.  

Praise for the Practical Math Application Guide

I work as an exhibitions installer/fabricator for a fine arts museum.  I recently purchased both Chenier's books, The Practical Math Application Guide and the Practical Math Dictionary as a personal enrichment/refesher course for construction math.  I wich I'd known about these books 20 years ago!  The way the concepts are explained and the way the books show practical applications for everyday construction problems using traditional tools is better than in any other books I've used.  Follow them cover to cover from page 1, even if you already know the math, and work the problems in the tests.  It'll refresh your memory and probably teach you some new and easy methods you weren't even aware of for problem solving.  Since beginning practice two weeks ago, my dependence upon my construction caclculator has diminished to near zero, and the speed and confidence with which I work has increased along with the accuracy and quality of the finished products I make.  Thank you Chenier's for a truly great set of books!



This is hands down one of the most practical real life math books available.  As a full time carpenter for 30 years, I've used solutions to problems illustrated in this book many times, and it's a great teaching aid to ones new to the trade.  Worth keeping in the truck as a reference.