Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary

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Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary

The Only Book of Its Kind in America

By: Norman Chenier

Publication date: January 1997
SKU: 9780962606113

The only book of its kind in America that has an illustrated Table of Contents, which includes both pictures and words.The book includes: Practical Math, Plain and Solid Geometry, Basic Applied Algebra, Basic Applied Trig., Trade tricks left out of traditional Math Books. This is the perfect book for all trades personnel, students, and do-it-yourselfers. Also available in hard copy, 406 pages, 6" x 7" (perfect size for your toolbox).

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Title information

This book can be used individually or as a set with Chenier's Practical Math Application Guide.  This book has an Illustrative Table of Contents & English/Metric Appendix - found only in this book.  It has a Unique Index where you can find problems instantly.  There are Problems that Relate to practical applications with self checking techniques, a unique feature.  It has Descriptive Geometry - lay our geometric figures from 3 to 8 sides, circles, ellipses, etc.  It has Illustrative Trig - formulas in pictures.  Find the picture you need - quickly and easily.  It has Leveling Techniques - learn how to use a water level, transit, plumb bob (level Poles, fence posts, your Christmas tree, etc.  It includes several Trade Tricks - lay out/measuring secrets (draw circles with a square, lay out buildings, lay out machines, etc.  Plus many more features....  "A BOOK FOR EVERYONE"

Pages: 408
Publisher: Chenier Educational Enterprises
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Praise for the Practical Math Dictionary

This book wins the Medal of Honor in the world of math books.  No other book or online resource is more useful, beneficial, and practical for everyday use in the real world.  This book also put me through college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and blew the hundred dollar text books out of the water.                                                                                                                               


Since it is many years since school/univ. I find that I have the need for a "refresher" in maths.  This book is IT!!!!


Straightforward, concise and written in simple language, this little gem covers it all.  From basic arithmetic through elementary trig, with plenty of examples, tables and illustrations.  It's all here.  Simplifies those things you have long been afraid of when it comes to numbers.  Get it along with the companion application workfook and you'll be set whether you're a tradesman or student.