Instrument Flying Update

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Instrument Flying Update

By: John C. Eckalbar

Publication date: November 2013
SKU: 9780961654467

This book is intended to bring instrument pilots up to date on new approach designs, (such as LPV) ATC procedures, rule changes, and more.

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Instrument flying is evolving at an incredible pace. New technologies (like WAAS and TAWS) are being applied, new rules (like those on transitioning onto RNAV approaches) are being written, and new procedures (like LPV approaches) are being developed. The big payoff is in unprecedented 3-D position accuracy and enhanced situational awareness as the aircraft position is displayed in relation to complex waypoint strings together with surrounding terrain and obstacles. To navigate the new world of IFR safely and efficiently, pilots and controllers need to do their homework. We need to keep up with the nuances of the new equipment as well as the rules and procedures that evolve with the equipment. To cite the most important example, many thousands of pilots are about to upgrade from GPS to GPS/WAAS. With this upgrade comes the promise of vastly improved instrument approaches, but we also move into an environment which we have not yet been trained to enter. The relatively simple days when we tuned an NDB or VOR, identified it, and flew the chosen course are ending. Safe and efficient operation in this new environment is going to take a commitment to continuing education. This book intended to help the pilot move safely into this new environment.

Pages: 241
Language: English
Publisher: SkyRoad Projects
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John C. Eckalbar