New Testament Commentary

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New Testament Commentary

By: Jim Sheerer

Publication date: June 2005
SKU: 0966353110
Subject: Christian, Religious

Jim Sheerer's timeless New Testament Commentary explains each Bible verse in the language of the common person. The text is clear, concise, and understandable and is a must for Christians desiring to grow, evangelists or ministers striving to be more effective teachers of the word, elders or deacons who want to serve others more effectively, or the skeptic curious about sound biblical teaching.

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While Jim Sheerer has written and published other books, his New Testament Commentary represents the culmination of wisdom and insight gained through a lifetime of service and devotion to God.  Originally published in 2001, this Commentary has now gone through seven printings.  It represents over 50 years of dedicated service, experience, and learning.  Each book of the New Testament begins with a brief yet thorough description (author, date, purpose, chronology) of the book followed by an outline.  Verses alternate with quick, helpful explanations from Jim that will give the reader great insight into the intended meaning and overall context.  This book has consistently proven to be a great help to anyone desiring to serve God with confidence, assurance, and conviction brought on by knowledge based on the plain words of the New Testament.

Pages: 1,200
Language: English
Publisher: Yeoman Press
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