Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Volume 13

Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Volume 13

Spring 2017 (13.2)
Subject: Law

Articles: Procedural Due Process; An Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendment in the Context of Article III: Why We Can't--And Shouldn't--Tell United States Supreme Court Justices When to Retire;

Comments: The Not-So-Settled Absolute Priority Rule: The Continued Threat of Priority-Deviation Through Interim Distributions of Assets in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy; How to Avoid Adding Insult to Injury Under the Maritime Rescue Doctrine; The Square Peg Between Two Round Holes: Why California's Traditional Right to Control Test is Not Relevant for On-Demand Workers

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The Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Law journal focusing on scholarly articles analyzing recent important developments in all areas of the law at the federal appellate level

Publisher: Seton Hall Law School
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