Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Volume 14

Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Volume 14

Fall 2017 (14.1)
Subject: Law

Articles: What Remains of Vicarious Jurisdiction for Establishing General Jurisdiction Over Corportate Defendants After Daimler AG v. Bauman?; Collecting Attorneys' Fees Under the Lanham Act: The Shifting Definition of an "Exceptional Case"     

Journal Content: First Impressions; Circuit Splits          

Comments: Searches and Seizures As Applied to Changing Digital Technologies: A Look at Pole Camera Surveillance; Who Gets to Determine If You Need Self Defense?: Heller and McDonald's Application Outside of the House                                                                     

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Title information

The Seton Hall Law Circuit Review Law journal focusing on scholarly articles analyzing recent important developments in all areas of the law at the federal appellate level

Publisher: Seton Hall Law School
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