Stories of Composers for Young Musicians

Stories of Composers for Young Musicians

Biographies of composers in the Suzuki violin and viola literature

By: Catherine Wolff Kendall

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ISBN: 9780990420903

Biographies and portraits of thirty-one composers found in the Suzuki violin and viola literature. 208 pages with large, readable print.

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"Who wrote Vivaldi a minor?" a young student asked her mother. She might also have asked who wrote Gossec Gavotte or Bach Bourree. For student and family, this book will help find the answers, bringing alive Vivaldi, Gossec, Bach and 27 other composers, first as children who found pleasure in music, then as adults who continued all their lives to give and receive enjoyment through their art.

Language: English
Publisher: Violin Student Products
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Catherine Wolff Kendall

Catherine Wolff Kendall, a violist, potter, naturalist and bee-keeper by avocation, and inventor of the Kinder Chinder Pad, was a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, mother of three, and grandmother of seven. Mrs. Kendall's husband, John Kendall was well-known to Suzuki violin teachers and students of all ages.